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Matted Dogs

Are your mornings too hectic to stop by for dog daycare? Late evenings make it impossible to pick up your dog before closing time? Take advantage of our in-house pet chauffeur service!

We offer pickup and delivery for daycare, boarding, grooming and training clients. This is a concierge-type service, so there is no need for you to even be home. Our service is more than door-to-door… it is more like from dog bed-to-playtime. Our drivers have all been through a thorough background and driving record check.  They are trained to enter your home, leash up your pup, secure the door locks and alarms, and transport your dog safely to daycare or boarding.


Your mornings are hectic enough without the frenzy of detouring to dog daycare. You can start relaxing at home in the evenings without making a special stop for your dog. Nothing is better than coming home to a tired, happy pup!


Reservations are required 24 hrs in advance; standing appointments for daycare are encouraged! Call for more details.

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