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Mobile Dog Grooming


Mobile Dog Grooming

We realize not all dogs are comfortable coming to the salon. So we offer a fully contained mobile pet salon that provides professional grooming in the convenience of your home or driveway. Our professional mobile grooming salon servicing SW Houston is operated by our sister company Wash Groom Go.  We will arrive at your doorstep to groom your dog, which will save you time and spare your pet from undue stress caused from being in unfamiliar surroundings. 

The Advantages Of Our Mobile Grooming Service:

Mobile dog grooming offers the utmost in COMFORT for your pet and CONVENIENCE for you.


Convenience.  We come to you!  You will never again have to rearrange your schedule to fit in your dog's grooming appointment.

Your dog receives individual, one-on-one attention. For the entire duration of the grooming, your dog has our undivided attention.

Grooming is a much more enjoyable experience for your dog.  There is no separation anxiety because your dog never leaves your property.

Quiet, calm, relaxing atmosphere because there aren't any other barking dogs.

All dogs are completely dried by hand.

Clean and sanitary environment.  Your dog will never run the risk of coming into contact with parasites or illnesses that can be spread by other dogs.

Shorter grooming time.  Your dog is our only customer while we are at your home.  He/She will receive our exclusive attention during her entire grooming.

No chance for your dog to get carsick.


No need to transport a dirty dog in your car.

Perfect solution for older or sick dogs that physically cannot handle the stress of a trip to the groomer.

  • Our state of the art mobile grooming salon comes to your home or work location

  • Vehicles are completely self contained for grooming

  • Convenient and time saving for you

  • Separation anxiety is minimized

  • One-to-one personalized time with your pet

  • Grooming area is cleaned and sanitized after each groom

  • Dogs do not need to be transported to and from a salon

  • No exposure to other animals

  • Sedatives are not used

  • High quality products

  • A clean, groomed pet is a happy pet!


  • Nails trimmed and filed

  • Ears cleaned and ear hair removed

  • Hair removed from paw pads

  • Thorough brushing

  • Sanitary trim

  • Warm, massaging bath

  • Hand drying to fluff coat, no cage drying

  • Styling as per breed standard or your personal choice

  • De-shedding and undercoat removal

  • Bows or bandannas and cologne

  • Blue Berry Facial Scrub

    • Smells great & helps reduce tear stains

  • Teeth Brushing

    • Tooth brush & paste just for dogs!

  • Breath Spray

    • Helps to keep breath smelling fresh

Call Wash Groom Go at 281-643-7180 for reservations and pricing. 

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