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Top 10 Reason For Dog Daycare

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10 Reasons For Dog Daycare

Top 10 Reasons for Dog Day Care

Have you wondered why people send their dogs to dog day care?  Well wonder no more! Here are the Top 10 Reasons!

#10 Entertaining in their home   Pet owners are having a gathering  with many guests in their home. One less thing for the pet owner to deal with,  less stress on the dog,  and some guests may not  be comfortable with dogs.

#9  House for Sale  It is up setting for the dog with strange people  in their home. Prospective buyers don’t want to be around a  dog in the home while they are touring the home or maybe, they don’t like dogs and may influence them in not buying the house.

#8 To Socialize  Dogs are social animals and like to be with dogs and with other people.  It does not matter the age  and energy level of the dog,  they need to have the opportunity to develop and use their social skills.

#7  Separation Anxiety   Some dogs do not do well without the company of other dogs and people. Sending  their dog to day care provides a remedy to the problem that plagues so many dogs..

#6 Home Alone Dogs who suffer from  boredom and lack of mental stimulation will develop destructive behaviors.  Some of the undesirable behaviors can be nuisance barking, inappropriate chewing on household belongings  or even self mutilation, soiling in the house, etc.  The pet owner may feel guilty leaving the dog alone; dog day care keeps their  guilt feeling at bay.

#5  Home Repairs  Strange workers coming into the home can be stressful to all parties: the  dog, homeowners and service workers.  Better choice is dog daycare for fun and play.

#4 Puppies & Young Dogs Puppies  are born into packs and are always searching for pack order.  Dog Day Care allows dogs the chance to be with others of the same kind to learned those life lessons that can only be learned  in a group/ pack environment. and as their learning grows so will their confidence.

#3 High Energy Dogs The ultimate physical and mental exercise is a room full of dogs! At the end of the day  the owner pick their dog up and when they get home the dogs is calm, happy, and tired.

#2  Run Errands  Owners will drop their dog off at day care just so they have the time to get things done .

#1 Work  While the owner is busy working, their dog has the company of other dogs for fun and camaraderie, and  dog day care caretakers  whose only work is to take care of their dog.



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