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Why does my dog shed?

One myth regarding dogs is that “Not all of dogs shed.” FALSE. Even “Non shedding” and “Hypoallergenic” dogs such as Poodles, and Bichons shed. The only difference is that some hair actually hits the floor, others cling to the live coat and are removed by brushing. There are many reasons why dogs shed. Heredity, seasonal changes, hormones, environment, and nutrition are all factors in why dogs shed and how much they shed. We can’t do much about controlling seasonal changes, and hormones, but there are a few things we can do in controlling a dogs environment and nutrition. Keeping a pet’s stress level to a minimum definitely helps. Stress is a trigger for excess shedding in many dogs. Nutrition is also a huge factor. A dog that is not getting the proper vital nutrients in their diet will show deficiency in their coat and skin. Feeding a high-quality diet is a key element, but also supplements containing omega-3 and fatty acids etc, can help ensure that the coat is healthy and glossy, keeping shedding to a minimum. Regular grooming will also help to control shedding. Here at The Dog Shop and Daycare we offer grooming with special shampoos and conditioners that loosen and remove the hair while at the same time moisturize the skin to reduce further shedding. To make an appointment for grooming at The Dog Shop

Boarding and Daycare you can email us at info@thedogshoptx or call our office at (281) 710-4898.

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